Hybrid-Island-System (H-I-S)

The H-I-S is the climate-friendly energy supply in remote locations and makes diesel generators superfluous. This ensures a reduction in combustion gases that are harmful to the climate. Even in crisis areas where the infrastructure was destroyed by environmental influences or wars, the H-I-S can restore a self-sufficient energy supply within a very short time.

The HIS is a mobile energy generation system for self-sufficient power supply in off-grid areas. The primary energy source is provided by the Solartrichter mobile solar tracker unit, coupled with a storage system. A mobile, methanol-powered fuel cell serves as backup for emergency power. It has a fully automatic battery charger and immediately bridges the supply gap in case of low solar irradiation. With the Hybrid Island System, a climate-friendly power supply can be implemented in continuous operation.

H-I-S compact

  • Power Supply 24/7
  • High flexibility due to mobile, space-saving and location-independent application
  • Set-up and dismantling within 3 hours
  • Up to 40% more power due to intelligent tracking system
  • Easily transported
  • Up to 20 years lifetime of the storage system
  • Low maintenance requirements, quiet operation
  • Independent of fossil fuels
  • Flexible scalability
  • Liquid methanol, cost-effective and globally available
  • Environmentally friendly due to harmless substances

Solartrichter (H-I-S)

Technical Data:

Nominal power depending on type class: 3.000 – 9.000 Wp
Module type: Mono, Poly, Bi-facial
Max. module area: 25 –40 m²
Max. modules: 10 –20 St.
Rotation angle east-west: 300°
Angle of Elevation: 20 –90°
Installation dimensions: 4.200 mm x 2.000 mm
Radius / max. height: 3.200 mm / 6.100 mm
Weight (kg): 980 –1300
Self-consumption per year: 7 –14 kWh
Daily yield depending on location: up to 75 kWh

The Solartrichter consists of a support frame, a pyramid and wings with solar modules as well as a control module. The integrated control module (MLD sensors) controls the system using generated reference values for the highest light irradiation in each case. The sensors continuously measure the angle and intensity of the incident sunlight and also take reflected and diffuse light into account.

The wings of the wing support surfaces are foldable and modularly expandable. This allows the potential yield of the system to be increased from 3,000 kWh per year to up to 21,000 kWh. The pyramid installed in the center of the wings enables maximum yield, especially in diffuse light. The wing surfaces can be folded into a cube shape for easy transport – making the system ideal for transportation.


Technical Data:

Battery/Type : Alkali-Ion salt water electrolyte
Rated voltage range (V): 35 -60
Nominal capacity (Ah): 20
Nominal capacity (kWh): 2,5
DoD (depth of discharge) (%): 100
Expected life (years): > 15 Jahr
Charging cycles (number) at 80 % 5.000
Recommended operating temperature range (°C): -5 – +50
Max. Humidity (%): > 95
Battery cabinet / dimensions W×H×D (mm): 313 × 960 × 329
Battery weight (kg): 140

GREENROCK is the safest and most environmentally friendly stationary power storage solution. In contrast to conventional lithium-ion solutions, BlueSky Energy uses a technology based on salt water electrolyte. This is neither flammable nor explosive, safe to touch and absolutely maintenance-free. The salt water power storage is an integrated power storage solution. The salt water battery based on environmentally friendly materials is absolutely safe and maintenance-free

Electricity from the photovoltaic system, your own solar or wind power plant can be stored intelligently and supplies you during the night. Even without its own small power plant, GREENROCK can secure the supply (fed from the power grid). In the event of a power failure, the memory is used and important devices / consumers, such as refrigerator, freezer, alarm system; Hot water boiler, and much more stay cared for. Modularly expandable and scalable up to several MWh.

Fuel Cell

Technical Data:

Continuous power: 500 Watt
Charging capacity per day: 12 kWh
Fuel: Methanol (IMPCA, > 99,85%)
Methanol consumption: 0,6 L / kWh
Tank Capacity: 75 L
Cascading: yes
Compatible batteries: Li-NMC, LiFePo4, AGM,..)
Recommended battery capacity (min): 2 kWh (nett)
Installation dimensions WxHxD (mm): 1.250 x 1.355 x 550
Weight (kg): 180

The Ecoport is based on a patented methanol fuel cell technology and is designed as a fully automatic battery charger. With 500 W of power, a single Ecoport 800 provides up to 12 kWh of energy per day. In emergency power applications, the fuel cell continuously supplies up to 800W of electrical energy. Since the consumer is connected directly to the battery, load peaks above 800W can be served without issues. Inexpensive standard methanol is used as a fuel.

Compared to other fuel cells, the logistical challenges of transporting gaseous hydrogen are eliminated, while the high efficiency remains. Thanks to simple installation and plug-and-play functionality, a quick power supply can be ensured, for example on construction sites or for traffic surveillance. Three easily replaceable methanol cartridges, each with 25 l of methanol, guarantee 126 kWh supply capacity.


Example of a mixed system with AC – and DC-coupling

Mixed systems with AC and DC coupling are particularly suitable for coupling AC consumers in the medium power range with DC energy sources. At the same time, the battery in the mixed system can be charged via a generator (fuel cell). Mixed systems are used to supply remote consumers and meet a higher energy demand or the actually required energy demand.



7 – 14 kW Stationary System

5 kW Wind power

Mobile Batteries

Water Pumping Systems

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